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Pirate Flags, anyone?

I'm about to make my order of Spring Kites. I note that some folks might be interested in the Pirate flags my kite company also produces. These aren't just generic skull & crossbones (although they do have those), they have some that are authentic:

The Edward Tech is silkscreened at available in 3 sizes: 12" x 18", 18" x 24" and 3' x 5'. The larger size would be dye subprinted (meaning reversed on the other side), the first 2 silkscreened on both sides. Prices would be $13, $22, and $13 respectively.

Most of the other's are silkscreened at 12" x 18" and cost $13: Emanula Wynne, Henry Every, Thomas Tew, Stede Bonnet, Black Bart, and others.

They also have a 3' x 5' or 2' x 3' of Calico Jack that is applique:

The 2' x 3' is $26, and the 3' x 5' is $33.

So, any interest?


So with my manager leaving with very little notice I have to train the new person. Thankfully we actually have a new person. But this does mean I am working 7 days a week until the new person is good enough to solo the job.

So of course this is the best time to get a cold. 

Woot! Made the papers!

The store is featured today in the Philadelphia Inquirer's business section. This is all kinds of awesome.


Frabulous Joy

Someone decided, at 1:30 this morning, to fire off a gun. 8 or 9 shots in very rapid succession. Turned on the police scanner and heard it was around 23rd & Parrish, not very far from where we live.

No other news about it at this time.

Yeah, I'll have a clocks picture up soon. The wall of clocks is looking a bit sad right now.

Ka-Rumble! Yo!

I was sitting on the stairs at the store when the earthquake hit. At first it sound like something heavy was being dropped, in my backyard. The cabinets upstairs shook and the building shimmied. But I thought it was just something heavy falling. I last encountered an earthquake when I was in California, and at first I thought it was just the cats being excessively rambunctious. But in both cases the fact that it went on for several seconds pretty much indicated that it was an earthquake. 

No damage done. No real issues. Bit of a buzz on the street for a while and a reporter came in less than an hour later to interview me about it. There wasn't much to say, really. 
OK, so there is a little slide show with audio commentary at this site:


About a minute or so in, there I am being all Hessian-y and stuff and talking about the uniform, grenadiers, mitres, etc.

This was done in 2009. 

I do not remember giving this interview. 

Folks should know...

On July 4th, while trying to return the grill to the basement I had an issue with dripping grease and fell down 6 of the steps in the basement, landing very hard. I have some bumps and scrapes but the worst is that I banged up my knee a bit. Walking kinda hurts right now.  

Its PHILLY HOTLIST voting time again!

Hi folks,

Once again it is the time where I ask everyone to help vote for me on Philly Hotlist!


You can vote for me once per day and either sign up for an account or link it with your twitter and facebook accounts. Please help spread the word by posting your vote! 

There is an 'issue' this year in that I am only listed in Children's Gifts. You can help this by grabbing the drop-down menu (after voting for me for Children's Gifts) and click the button to also vote for me in 'Toys'. I won in both categories locally in 2010 and winning multiple times is where you really start to see benefits! 

Thanks to everyone in advance, and please spread the word about this! Voting closes August 12th. 

We are...


 On the way home from shopping today the car started smoking & overheating. When we stopped it was leaking coolant. This might be the end of the little green golf. The thing has been limping along for a while with this list of problems:

1) Probable internal oil leak that causes the car's spark plugs to clog every few months
2) Temperature sensor issue that makes it beep at you all the time
3) Car leaks when it rains, often flooding it
4) Multiple dents and scrapes, the most recent from an impact a couple of weeks ago.
5) Inside door driver door handle ripped off last year, closing the car means you must pull on the part that holds misc things
6) AM antenna snapped off in the cold winters of 2010
7) Cupholder broken
8) Springs or shocks might be going - the car now makes some squeaky sounds when it turns or goes over a bump. 
9) reduced gas milage probably caused by the other issues.

I get to try and drive it to the shop tomorrow if it will make it. (It is not too far) but if the cost of repairing the cause of the leak is too much then it will be time to say goodbye Old Paint.